Recovering…looking back, Scohi second run, second fall…#olympics @CBCOlympics

Still recovering here from my concussion and was browsing the web quickly and actually for the first time got to see my second fall at the Games.

I can laugh now, because I know I’m on the road to recovery, but people at home must have been wondering why that fall took me out.

I hope it’s been clarified that that was the second fall on my hip that day. My first fall happened in practice and is below.

I think it was the adrenalin that got me back up there to do my contest runs, and the concussion that I didn’t know I had…

Those were not 2 runs that showcased my riding ability, but I just wanted to prove that I could try. I’m glad I did, and knew going into my second run that even if I made it through to the semie final I wouldn’t be able to take anymore runs. I couldn’t walk on my own or do my bindings up without help.

Sad Olympics for me, but learned a lot about myself and how dedicated and competitive I am.

Back home now, laying low waiting to get back to “normal me” again as this concussion has taken it’s toll on me.

Thank you to all my sponsor;

PowderRoom, Whistler/Blackcomb, Drake Snowboards and Bindings, Northwave Boots, IS Eyewear, Be Coconut, Pow Gloves, Lululemon, and CAN Fund.

I love you and couldn’t have made it to the games with out your support and the support of my friends and family.

Happy to be home

Thank you!




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One response to “Recovering…looking back, Scohi second run, second fall…#olympics @CBCOlympics

  1. Hope you’re feeling better Mercedes. We love you and you’re one tough lady.

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